Face massage

Face and neck massage                                                                                                  

  25 minutes £20

Woman having ayurveda spa treatment. Natural anti-ageing, lifting massage                                                                        

  50 minutes £55

 Natural anti-ageing, lifting massage finished with collagen mask    

75 minutes £65


Face drainage, lifting massage relaxing massage, reduces tiredness, tension, swelling and eye’s bags. Lifting and toning your skin!        25min £30

Woman having ayurveda spa treatment.  Ayurvedic Marma head, face and neck massage – relaxing massage includes energetic    points. Recommended  for high stress, tension, anxiety and low energy. Quick energy booster for  busy people! 

25min £25

60min £60



Head and neck massage

Champissage Head, neck, shoulders massage – massage provide on the chair, brings immediate relief for stress, headache, tension and sore muscles                                                                                                  

25min – £28

Woman having ayurveda spa treatment. Marma head, face and neck massagerelaxing massage includes energetic points. Recommended for high stress,  tension, anxiety and low energy. Quick energy booster for busy people!

25min £25

60min £60



Woman having ayurveda spa treatment.   Shiroabhyangahead, shoulders and face massage. Treatment includes hot oil pour on the head, face and shoulders.

 Amazing relaxation and relief for nasty headache. Maximum effects with minimum time!    

 30min £30 




Woman having Ayurvedic spa treatment.

 Shirodara head massage  – Luxury massage available in the biggest Eastern retreat centres. This is an amazing expierience, which includes shoulders, neck massage and hot oil application on your head using traditional Ayurvedic methods. This session helps with insomnia, stress, emotional problems. Its amazing for everyone. 





Body massage

Therapeutic massagereduces tension and muscular pain.

30min/£30, 45min £45, 60min/£60, 90min/£90

Woman having Ayurvedic spa treatment. Ayurvedic Body Marma Massage – full body massage finished with energetic points workout. For all back pain, sciatica, tension, heavy legs and simple every day stress. Unforgettable experience. Hot therapeutic oils and pressure suitable for individual needs and health condition. Price depends on duration

 1h/ £60, 2h/ £110



Woman having Ayurvedic spa treatment. Abhyanga Body Massagefull body, firm and rejuvenating massage with therapeutic hot oils.  Oils and pressure are chosen to client’s individual needs. Massage includes scalp and neck massage.

1h/£60, 90min/£90, 2h/£110




Ayurvedic Back Massage – quick relief for upper and lower back pain and tension. Hot oils and Eastern techniques never fail!  


Woman having Ayurvedic spa treatment. Pada Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Legs Massage)reduces pain, discomfort, swelling and heavy legs. Get a pair of new legs after one  session!






Woman having massage with pouch of rice. Pinda Svedahot herbal polutices massage relives pain, stiffness and swelling associated arthritis and other painful  condition. Eliminates toxins from the body, improves joints movements, soothes the nerves system and improves blood circulation. Heaven !

60 min/£70, 90min/£100, 2h/£125



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