All facials for women are also suitable for men but in addition we have male treatments which include male fragrances.

Choose from

Relaxing face massage – with choice of Algea mask

Painless purifying facial – removes all imperfections from the skin, finishing with your choice of cream mask

Anti-aging facial


For male strong and thick hair we choose Lycon Manifico Strip Wax. It is perfect for sensitive skin and strength grow hair. Wax includes Chamomile, Australian Sandalwood and Micro Mica to prevent skin drag.

Choose from

Eyebrow shape             £10

Underarm                      £10

Arms                                £25

Shoulders                      from £15

Lower back                   from £15

Full back                        from £30

Chest                               from £25

Face, neck and decollate massage

Hand massage with paraffin mask

Indian Head Massage

Relaxing and anti-stressed massage includes the face, head, neck, upper arms and shoulders-areas that accumulate high level of stress and tension .

Ayuverdic element helps the body’s entire energy system to be rebalanced.

It is de-stressing program for everybody!!!


relaxation for the muscle

relief from chronic neck and shoulders stiffness

help in relieving tension headache, eye-strain, jaw ache

relaxation of the whole person

realise of anxiety

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