Biologique Recherche - toning, hydrating, revitalising

Biologique Recherche introduction facial                                                          30 minutes     £40

Biologique Recherche basic facials                                                                        45 minutes    £60

60 minutes    £75

Choose from

  • Balancing & toning (for seborrheic and acne-prone skin)
  • Balancing & brightening (for seborrheic and /or dull skin with open pores)
  • Balancing & softening (for sensitive and seborrheic skin with imperfections)
  • Re-hydrating (for dehydrated skin)
  • VIPO2 oxygenating treatment (for stressed/devitalised and/or sensitive skin)
  • Hydratenseur Biosensible (for sensitive, stressed and dehydrated skin)
  • Biosensible (for sensitive, stressed skin, helps reactive skin)
  • Revitalising & toning (for devitalised and /or dull skin)
  • Lipid restoration (for skin very deficient in lipids and very dehydrated)

Biologique Recherche Methodology has a reputation for outstanding results we see every day at Your Skin Beauty Clinic – their clinical approach to beauty care uses intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.


Biologique Recherche - reconditioning booster facials

Choose from

Soin Lissant – an immediately reconditioning treatment for thin, sensitive, reactive skin or skin that is marked by time.
Helps stimulate the natural defines system of the epidermis, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, calms the skin and unifies complexion.

Lift C.V.S. –  a complete skin care treatment, it exfoliates, lifts, firms and hydrates and  protects against exterior aggressors. Recommended for thick, atone, seborrheic and normal skin.

Real face lift   75 minutes

Lotion MC110 – a replumping, restructuring and renewing treatment for devitalised and/or weak skin. The face appears plumped and the oval of the face is redefined.

Mask Exfoliante P50 Visage –  an exfoliating, firming treatment for thick, devitalised skin and wrinkled skin which lacks elasticity and has uneven pigmentation.

Fruit Acid – rebalancing, anti-ageing treatment for thick, seborrheic skin.


Ultrasound facials - clinically proven effectiveness

Choose from

Cavitation peeling                                                                                                                            20 minutes       £20

Cavitation peeling plus cream mask                                                                                       40 minutes       £45

Cavitation peeling + sonophores treatment + serum + algae/cream mask
        60 minutes       £65

Sonophores facial plus serum
                                                                                                   15 minutes       £20

Cavitation peeling uses ultrasonic waves and is an amazing, painless, deep skin cleansing treatment. It’s a really effective alternative to the traditional method of manually cleansing the face. It removes impurities and dead skin cells in a safe way, without side effects but with additional benefits of smoothing wrinkles & giving you a gentle facial massage! Try it.

        See more information on cavitation >>

You can also get cavitation peeling for the back      30 minutes      £40

Mini facial - cavitation & cream mask

This wonderful facial includes cavitation peeling, which removes dead skin and leaves your skin smooth and refreshed. Plus your choice of one of our fabulous cream masks. A great facial if you’re busy and want a quick boost or before a night out or special occasion.

Advanced facials - relax, rejuvenate & refresh

These great facials include a wonderful rejuvenating and relaxing face massage, serum and algaemask.

Choose from

Feast for the skin – a nourishing facial with caviar for instant improvement of your skin’s firmness and hydration. It smoothes expression lines and age-related wrinkles, supplements mineral deficiencies, assists epidermal regeneration and strengthens natural protective functions of the skin, leaving you looking fresh with a more radiant complexion

An injection of  youth – a superb anti-wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid for over-25s. Suitable for all skin types and especially recommended for dry skin that needs regeneration, structural wrinkles and expression lines. It’s also highly effective if you’ve lost weight to strengthen the skin and improve its suppleness. Or use supplementary to aesthetic medicine treatments or before a special event.

SOS – a facial that’s effective protection for dilated capillary skin, tightening blood vessels, reinforcing capillary walls so they become more flexible and resistant to damage. It helps prevent dilated capillaries, reduces the sensitivity of cutaneous thermo receptors, helps skin cooling, alleviates irritation, improves protective functions of the epidermis and skin tone.

Elixir of youth – an incredible anti-aging treatment with pytocelltac argan, for any kind of skin (35+ years) displaying symptoms of a decline in skin elasticity and firmness, with an increased tendency to form wrinkles.

All advanced and luxury facials also include a free hand massage.

Luxury facials - indulge in incredible skin

Luxury facials include cavitation peeling, face massage, serum application into the skin with sonoforesis (ultrasound), algea or cream mask. All advanced treatments can be transformed into luxury version – just ask us.  All advanced and luxury facials also include a free hand massage.

purifying treatment

Choose from our cleaning and refreshing facials

Cavitation peeling plus cream mask                                                                             40 minutes      £45

Extraction with steam vapour and cooling mask                                                        75 minutes    £80

Face massage

Face and neck massage                                                                                                                25 minutes £30

Natural anti-ageing, lifting massage                                                                                 50 minutes £55

Natural anti-ageing, lifting massage finished with hyaluronic acid mask         75 minutes £65


Relaxing facial - with massage and algae mask

 This relaxing facial is our tailored face massage.

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