Relaxing body treatments - 3 luscious choices

Our beauty salon in Romsey has a range of body treatments. Choose from

Chocolate – a wonderful treatment for men and women that want deep relaxtion.

It stimulates microcirculation, improves skin firmness and elasticity, slows the aging process and offers deep physical and mental relaxation.
Coffee – effective for slimming, reducing cellulite and combatting the signs of aging.

If your skin is losing firmness, appears dull and grey (deoxygenated) or you’ve got cellulite, this body treatment is fantastic at improving microcirculation, skin tone etc.

Citrus – if you have “heavy legs” (edema), cellulite, loss of skin elasticity and firmness, are on or have finished a slimming diet or suffer from rough, dry, uneven skin tone, try this treatment.

It has a stimulating and energising effect, smoothens, brightens and refreshes the skin, has a decongestant and anti-cellulite effect and optimises hydration.

Body scrub

Wide range of body scrubs suitable for skin type and needs. You can choose salt, sugar or organic scrub. For fan of fragrances we have: orange, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, jasmine and cherry, coconut, chocolate, coffee and red wine body scrub

Anti-cellulite treatments

Slimming treatments

treatment available form spring 2015

Hand treatments


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