Beauty salon Romsey price list


Skin consultation £20

Biologique Recherche Introduction Facial (30min)  £40

Biologique Recherche Basic Facials (45min) £60

Balancing and Toning (seborrheic and acne-prone skin)
Balancing and Brightening (seborrheic and /or dull skin with open pores)
Balancing and Softening (sensitive and seborrheic skin with imperfections)
Re-Hydrating (dehydrated skin)
VIPO2 Oxygenating Treatment (stressed/devitalized and/or sensitive skin)
Hydratenseur Biosensible (for sensitive, stressed and dehydrated skin)
Biosensible (for sensitive, stressed and reactive)
Revitalizing and Toning (devitalized and /or dull skin)
Lipid Restoration (for skin, that are very deficient in lipids and very dehydrated)

Biologique Recherche Booster Facial (1h15min) £90

Soin Lissant – immediate reconditioning treatment for thin, sensitive, reactive skin or skin that is marked by time. Helps stimulate epidermis natural defense system, smoothes fine line and wrinkles , calms the skin and unifies complexion.
Lift C.V.S – complete skin care, it exfoliates, lifts, firms, hydrates and protects against exterior agressions. Recommended for thick, atone, seborrheic and normal skin.
Areal face lift in 45 minutes.
Lotion MC110 – replumping, restructuring and renewing treatment for devitalized and/or weak skin. The face appears plumped and the oval of the face is redefined.
Mask Exfoliante P50 Visage – exfoliating, firming treatment for thick, devitalized skin, wrinkled-looked skin with lacks of elasticity and uneven pigmatation.
Fruit Acid –re balancing, anti-aging treatment for thick, seborrheic skin.

Face, neck and décolletage massage (25min) £ 20

Relaxing facial includes massage and Algea mask (45min) £45

Mini facial (30min) £30

Facial includes cavitation peeling, which removes dead skin and leave your skin smooth and refresh plus choice of our fabulous cream mask . For all busy, who wants to get ready for night out or special occasion.

Advanced facial (60 min) £60 Facial includes: face massage, serum and Algea mask.

Feast for the skin – nourishing facial with caviar instant improvement of skin firmness and hydration, smoothed expression lines and age-related wrinkles, supplemented mineral deficiencies, assisted epidermal regeneration, strengthened natural protective functions of the skin, fresh looking and radiant complexion.
An injection of  youth – anti-wrinkle treatments with hyaluronic acid for over-25-year-olds representing each skin type, especially recommended for dry skin requiring regeneration, structural wrinkles and expression lines, after weight loss to strengthen the skin and to improve its suppleness, supplementary to aesthetic medicine treatments, occasionally before a special event.
SOS – effective protection for dilated capillary skin, tightening of blood vessels, reinforcement of capillary walls, which become more flexible and resistant to damage, prevention of dilated capillaries, reduction sensitivity of cutaneous thermo receptors, skin cooling, alleviated irritation, improvement of protective functions of the epidermis, skin tone compensation.
Elixir of youth – anti-aging treatment with pytocelltac argan, for any kind of skin after 35 years of age with symptoms of decline in skin elasticity and firmness, with an increased tendency to form wrinkles.

 Luxury Facials (90min) £80

Facials include: cavitation peeling, face massage, serum apply into the skin with sonoforesis method, algea or cream mask. All advanced treatments can be transformed into luxury version. All advanced and luxury facials include hand massage

Cleaning and refreshing facials

Cavitation peeling plus cream mask (40min) £45
Extractions with steam vapour and cooling mask (75min)  £80

Ultrasound treatments

Cavitation peeling (20min) £20
Sonophores plus serum (15min) £15
Cavitation peeling + sonophores + serum + algea/cream mask (60min) £50
Cavitation peeling for the back (30min) £30
Mask optional for £15


Eyebrow shape  £10   Eyebrow tint  £10  Eyelash tint  £ 10 Eye treatments  £15



Chocolate (90min) £80    Coffee (90min) £80   Citrus (90min) £80


Traditional strip wax

Eyebrow £8  Underarm £10  ½ Arms £15  Arms £22   ½ legs £17  ¾ legs £20  Full legs £ 29   Bikini line £15  High bikini £28

 Hot Wax

Eyebrow £10  Upper lip  £10  Chin £10  Underarm £15  Bikini line  £ 23  High bikini  £34  Brazilian  £45  Hollywood  £45
Bollywood (Hollywood with crystal vajazzle) from £50

Male wax

Eyebrow  £10  Underarm £10  Arms  £25  Shoulders  from £15  Lower back  from £15  Full back  from £30  Chest  from £25


Face, neck and decollate massage (25min) £20

Hand massage with paraffin mask (25min) £20





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